Team Match Size:: 7 vs 7
Roster Size:: any (full team list must be posted in the team signup area)

::Default match times::
Just watch the "Shifter Sunday" clock

Random, small CTF maps will be chosen by admins if both teams have not agreed to maps 4 days before match time
25 minute time limit from start in Tourney mode(this may need to be fixed)
Best of 3, no obligation to play 3rd map if a team wins twice in a row

Shifter, version 1.0 or latest
Default to non-vehicle version, but both teams can agree to play the Vehicle version if an appropriate server can be secured

Team Size is 7 per side, teams are under no obligation to play with more or less members - if you have less than 7, state the fact but DO NOT ask the other team to lower their numbers, if you have more than 7 and you know the other team does as well you may ask them if they want to have a greater than 7 vs 7 match
You must be on a roster to play, you cannot be on two rosters, you cannot play for another team, if you want to swap teams you must put in a swap team request and wait until the team you are swapping to has played a match (ie, I want to swap, wait till they have next match THEN you get swapped) this is to prevent swapping around to play certain teams or help teams unfairly against certain teams etc
Your team can only challenge 1 team at a time, you must wait until they accept or decline to challenge another team. You cannot challenge the same team twice in a row
A match win is worth 100 points, losing match 10 points, a draw is worth 5 points to both teams (to encourage playing and attempting to fight superior teams)

If in doubt use the defaults, match times, etc
All times should use GMT/UTC to avoid confusion (all times must at least have a timezone tag), players job to know their local time
Gametype, timelimit, start time, can be changed if both teams agree (eg, Siege, 20 mins, Wednesday morning)
Maps can be set if both teams can agree on them, otherwise ask an admin to assign some (must be on the server first)
Matches start on time unless both teams agree to wait (if the other team is not ready 10 minutes after start time then match MUST start)
No observers allowed, except referee and/or server admin
No complaints allowed unless demo recording can be provided
Repeated annoying behaviour gets you removed from the ladder, requires proof (examples - cheating, voice spamming & complaining)
All players should check the forums daily, Leaders must respond to questions within 2 days - otherwise find a leader who can